Lawrence designs, photographs, and runs his mouth.
To Live And Die In Brewster County is a book of photos, maps, and words crafted over seven years in the high desert of West Texas.

$70, 144 pages, hardcover, 8”x10”


Taken from introduction:

The Big Bend region of West Texas is named after the meandering arc that the Rio Grande (known as the Rio Bravo on its other side) takes in the middle of the Chihuahuan Desert. Over hundreds of miles, the river slowly turns toward the Northeast before reorienting to its original Southeasterly route, eventually meeting the Gulf of Mexico. Brewster County is cradled by the river’s great turn. 

The luminous air and relentless minimalism of West Texas are intoxicating. The fenceless expanses of Big Bend National Park are the cure-all for any ailment stemming from a bloated sense of self. When I am out there, I hardly believe it exists. When I am not there, I miss it dearly. I still can’t say if learning a language by listening to its songs is the quickest way to become fluent, but I think it made me at the very least quite conversational.