Lawrence designs, photographs, and runs his mouth.
Biden Harris for the Outdoors. Campaign to galvanize the outdoors community to vote and advocate for the Joe Biden & Kamala Harris Presidential ticket. Collaboration with Annie Nyborg and Caroline Gleich. Organized a dozen prominent outdoors athletes/influencers to the cause (including Teresa Baker, Pattiegonia, Conrad Anker, Sanni McCandless, Jeremy Jones, and others). Caught the eye of Meena Harris and her Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign, who used the graphic on clothing to raise funds and generate excitement for the Biden/Harris ticket.

Lots of people enjoyed it, like Michael B. Jordan and Stephanie Shepherd Suganami.

Two primary graphics were made to be distrubuted on social media channels, one featuring every state flower and the other featuring a park (National, State, Monument, etc) from every state.