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An Edge A Center is a book of photography and writing formed over 8 years in California. This book is about a few things, but chief among them might be the idea of ‘proximity’: a bunch of things pushed against each other, a little different for their closeness. From the introduction:

‘California is immense. Geographically massive: one hundred and sixty-five thousand square miles of earth folded by restless tectonics. Fresh mountains cradling postcard deserts and alluvial plains. Breadbaskets, parkland, and single-family homes teetering over the primordial Pacific.

Psychologically massive: forty-million souls spread across America’s perpetually drying Eden, the cradle of American fame/fortune/myth-making, the crystallization of the dream and of the spectacle.’

‘California is the edge of things, the weight at the ends of a continent that tilts gravity westward, stealing the collective gaze, sometimes in longing, sometimes in contempt, always on the mind at least a little. 

California is the center of things, a territory unto itself, churning fast, bigger in mind and space than maybe can really be comprehended, maybe too big for it’s own good (maybe like this entire experiment of ours).’